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Revival Sermons from.....

Settlement Road Church of Christ


Summary of Church Revival

Theme: Let's Have a Revival

Scripture: Psalms 85:6

June 14 - 17, 2015


6/17 - Speaker: Bro. Carter Ross - Collegeville Church of Christ, Birmingham, AL

Lesson: "See Who?"

Scripture: I John 3:1-2


The 'who' you want to see is:

--very important

--is coming back

--will be seen by every person; even those who do not believe


You are sons of God through regeneration by obedience to Christ through baptism. As sons of God, you walk by faith and live by hope. And if Christ is the head of your life, then you are following in His footsteps.


The question, "See who?", was asked a long time ago.


The 'See who?' is the One who came and died for your sins so that you might have eternal life. The 'See who?' is the way, the truth, and the light. The 'See who?' is Jesus; who do you want to see?


Related scriptures:

Matthew 28:1-6

John 20:21-26

Luke 19: 1-4

Romans 14:11

Hebrews 11:1

John 14:3

Colossians 3:4

Revelations 6:14

John 14:1-3



6/16 - Speaker: Bro. Ralph Williams, Avondale Church of Christ, Birmingham, AL

Lesson: "Your Condition Does Not Have to be Your Conclusion"

Scripture: Luke 18:35-43


Condition is defined as the state of what you are in. We are all in some type of condition.


Conclusion is defined as when something is over. Don't let your condition be fatal.


In this portion of the scripture, there is a man named Bartimaeus, sitting by the side of the road, who was blind, broke and begged for a living. That was his condition. He heard a large crowd of people coming, asked what was going on and was told that Jesus of Nazareth was coming through. He immediately cried out for Jesus, asking for mercy.


There were some people there who tried to make him be quiet, but he cried out even louder. He realized that he needed help.


Jesus stopped just for him and ordered that he be brought to him. Jesus asked him one question, "What do you want?". Bartimaeus asked for his eyesight. Jesus gave him his eyesight and saved him. Immediatley, he could see and he followed Jesus, glorifying God.


This story teaches three things:

1. humanity is incomplete without divine intervention

2. belief is not enough - you must do some work

3. all of us will need a helping hand in life


Related scriptures:

Mark 10:46

Acts 28:1-6

Matthew 11:28





6/15 - Speaker: Bro. Steve Clark - Ensley Church of Christ, Birmingham, AL

Lesson: "Crumbs from the Table"

Scripture: Matthew 15:22-28


In this section of the bible, Jesus is presented in a different light. A woman approaches Jesus seeking help for her daughter. He ignores her at first and then calls her a dog. She had heard of the healings that He had performed in other towns; however, her perception of Jesus was limited. Jesus told her that His primary mission was seeking and saving those lost in sin, beginning first with the house of Israel. But she was willing to wait on Jesus. And sometimes, you may have to put up with some stuff and tolerate some things to get God's blessing.  Her response to Jesus was full of wisdom and Jesus recognized it. The lesson learned is that a crumb of Jesus' grace is enough to save you.


Related scriptures:

Mark 7:25

Luke 19:10

Matthew 10:6

John 4:22

Genesis, Chapter 2






6/14 - Speaker: Dr. Rodney Comer

Lesson: "There's a Blessing in the Struggle"

Scripture: II Corinthians 1:1-7


To get something in life, you must put forth an effort. You will then learn to appreciate it. It is fine to dream and reach for something special, but you must keep God's hand in front your hand. God will allow giants (struggles) to come in your life to teach you:

1. how to fight for and in His word

2. to become a possessor and not a possession

3. to expose the grasshoppers in your life - those who will say "we/you can't do that"


A struggle qualifies you to help others. Struggle is redemptive.


Related scriptures:

Numbers, Chapter 4

II Corinthians 3:1-4

I Corinthians 10:1-3






Summary of Church Revival

June 22 - 25


6/22/14 - Dr. Rodney Comer - New

                 Harvest Church of Christ

Topic: The Highly Exhalted One

Scripture: Philippians 2:5-11

Summary:  Remember when you first met Jesus. You must develop a relationship with Jesus.  You can achieve all things in Christ


6/23/14 - Ralph Williams -

                 Avondale Church of


Topic: When Believers become


Scripture: Matthew 16:21-24

Summary: The law of discipleship is defined in this passage and even though Jesus would suffer terribly in Jerusalem, there was and is still hope.


6/24/14 - Steve Clark - Ensley

                 Church of Christ

Topic: Dedicated to the Cause of


Scripture: Acts 5 40-42

Summary: We should be dedicated to Christ because of what Christ did on the cross; be dedicated because of forgiveness; be dedicated because of what we have witnessed;be dedicated to tell someone about Christ


6/25/14 - George Mixon - Cottage

                  Grove Church of Christ

Topic: Revival - What Happens?

Scripture: Titus 2:11-12

Summary: We are revived that we may receive a reward.  In being revived remember to be humble.  We are chosen by God.  We are peculiar people because we are a God treasured possession.










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