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Revival Sermons from Tinney Street Church of Christ


Minister: Bishop Andrew Thomas Sr.

Settlement Road Church of Christ in Sylacauga, AL 35150

Sunday-Wednesday Night


Theme: Restore My Spirit


Sunday  - July 06, 2014/ 3:00pm service

Subject: Let Not Your Heart be Troubled

Scripture: John 14:1-3


This is a head lifting passage.  It will work for any person.


Christ had been with the disciples for over three years and was getting ready to leave.  In that three years, He had taken care of the disciples, supplied all of their needs; He had made something out of nothing.


Related scriptures discussed:

John 12:32

John 13:33

John 13:21

Isaiah 40:31


Monday - July 7, 2014/7:00pm service

Suject: Puttng Our Children in a Position that God can Use Them

Scripture: I Samuel 1:28


We need to go back to the word of God in bringing up children.


It seems as though the world has forgotten God's name.  The name Samuel means  'my name is God'.


Parent must get to know their children and this is accomplished by spending time with them.  If you want your children to honor you, you must do four things:

1.  show them love

2.  encourage them

3.  limit them (set rules and consequences)

4.  laugh with them


We must remember that God can use young people.


Related scriptures discussed:

Proverbs 22:6

I Samuel 1:1

I Samuel 3:1

I Samuel 1:24

Ephesians 6:4

Ephesians 6:1


Baptized into Christ - Jayveon Billingsley


Tuesday - July 8, 2014/7:00pm service

Lesson: Please be Patient with me; God is not through with me yet.

Scripture: Philippians 1:6


In spite of man's stumbling and fumbling, he is still special in God's sight.  God sees man for what he is and what he can become.  God works with you and in you.  God looks at the heart.


We are here to help each other.  We must learn to forgive; most people know when they are wrong.


Related scriptures discussed:

Psalm 139:13

John 3:3

Galatians 3:26-27

John 3:5

Acts: 2:47

Romans 15:5

John 1:42


Baptized into Christ - Gabriel Bridges and Eric Bridges

Matthew 26:75

Galatians 6:1-2

Matthew 6:14

Matthew 18:23



Wednesday - July 9,2014/7:00pm service

Lesson:Let's Get Drunk

Scripture: Ephesians 5:15-19


The time has come for the Lord's church to remain steadfast and unmovable.  As the body of Christ, we as Christians should never lose our focus.  We give God the glory because He made us who we are.


Our ultimate transformation is to be like Christ.  We must be different and make a difference in this world.  Paul told the church at Ephesus that their walk needed to match their talk.  The same is still true today.  We must walk accurately, making sure that what we are doing is correct.


When a person is drunk with wine, he will:

1.  be led anywhere

2.  have courage he never had

3.  will not shut up

4.  will sing anything


When a person is drunk with the Holy Spirit, he will:

1.  be led by God

2.  fear nothing

3.  tell what God has done

4.  sing spiritual songs and hymns


If you are still living, you still have time to make a change in your life.


Related scrptures discussed:

I Peter 2:9

Matthew 7:24

I Timothy 1:7

I Corinthians 6:19

I Timothy 5:23

I Timothy 3: 3

I Timothy 3:8

I Corinthians 6:10

I Corinthians 8:8-13

I Corinthians 6:7









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